Today we have a guest post by Bella Putt!

About the author: Writing is one of Bella’s favorite things to do, along with running and reading. At fourteen, she’s been writing for about six years and hopes to someday be a published author. Her writing projects include a novel and writing on her blog. You can find her blog here, where she writes poetry, shares tips on writing, does book reviews, and more.

And now for the poem!


God’s Goodness

We cry. We bleed. We moan in distress.

Our suffering is for our best.

The pain we feel, the hurt, the sadness,

God allows it so that it will shape us.

In the darkness we cry out to God,

Through it all, He is always good.

He gives us suffering for a reason,

A time of growth in the season.

In God alone our trust is placed,

We lean on Him in our pain.

Our relationship with Him grows strong,

While our suffering is so long.

But in the end when our pain lifts,

We realize our suffering was really a gift.

We’re no longer angry because of the pain,

We grew the most in those days.


How did you like the poem? Would you like to see more poems?

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